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Welcome to TUFE  
Welcome to TUFE
2016-10-10 13:32  

Tianjin University of Finance and Economics (TUFE) is one of the earliest universities in China to provide specialized higher education in finance and economics. When it was established in 1958, the faculty of TUFE came from the Business School of Nankai University, and other prestigious universities in the Northern and Northeastern parts of China.


TUFE, covering an area of 1,000,000 m² with a floor space of 500,000 m², has over 17,000 full-time students. The beautiful campus with first-class teaching facilities brims with elegance and vitality. It is a multidisciplinary university with economics and management education as its core competence while embracing eight diverse branches of learning, including humanities, law, science, engineering, education, arts, etc. It is a major university among the municipal universities in Tianjin, as well as an important education base in the Northern part of China for cultivating prominent and practical talents in business and management.


TUFE is one of the providers of key specialties at national level appraised by the Ministry of Education. It has 3 authorized doctoral degrees of Level 1 Disciplineand post-doctoral research stations under Applied Economics, Business Administration and Management Science and Engineering which cover 21 doctoral programs, and 7 authorized master’sdegrees of Level 1 Discipline including Applied Economics, Business Administration, Management Science and Engineering, Economics, Public Administration, Computer Science and Technology and Foreign Languages which cover 46 master’s programs, 13 professional master’s programs (MBA, EMBA, MPA, MPAcc, JM, etc), and 48 bachelor’s programs. A comprehensive education system with different models has been formed at various levels, including doctoral, master’s and bachelor’s education, adult continuing education, international students’ education, and practice qualification education.



TUFE endeavors to develop itself into a first-class university of finance and economics with its distinctive features known all over the world.



Aiming at building a university with focus on internationalization, informationization and ecologicalization, TUFE is carrying out a set of strategies emphasizing the development of disciplines, the competitiveness of talents, the enhancement of education quality, and the progress of internationalization. Focusing on fostering the students’ moral good, TUFE is striving for the connotative development, comprehensive reform, improvement of faculty resources and executive abilities, and perfection of teaching facilities. It has constantly been in pursuit of elaborate talents cultivation, excellent research achievements, service-oriented executive management, integrated information platform, and ecological campus environment.



•Advanced Education Concept

TUFE is firmly following the concept that education quality is the university’s lifeline. The cultivation model has been constituted, which is committed to turning out graduates who can meet the demand of the times, bear the potential for sustainable development, and be well equipped with TUFE features.  


•Rich Faculty Resource

TUFE boasts a top-notch faculty of famous experts and outstanding professors, including the Chang Jiang Scholar Professors of ‘Chang Jiang Scholars Program of the Ministry of Education’, members of Discipline Appraisal Panels of Academic Degree Committee of the State Council, winners of awards of National Teaching Masters, China’s Model Teachers and National Outstanding Teachers, members of Expert Review Panel for Management Discipline of National Natural Science Foundation of China, and judges of Discipline Appraisal Panels of National Social Science Foundation of China.


• Broad International Perspective

TUFE, with internationalization as one of its strategies, has established Confucius Institutes in Great Britain and the United States. Priority is given to joint education programs, international professional qualification education and other kinds of international education programs. TUFE has been working with universities in the United States, Great Britain, Canada, Sweden and many other countries to conduct joint education programs, degree programs and student exchange programs. TUFE is one of the six platinum level learning providers in China appraised by ACCA headquarters, which is the top in ACCA education.  


•Distinct Discipline Dominance

Many disciplines of TUFE have enjoyed a dominant position among the universities of finance and economics in China. As one of the initiators, TUFE, together with Beijing University, Renmin University and Da Gong Global Credit Rating Group, has inaugurated the Credit Education Alliance. Over 20 Chinese universities and research institutions are members of the alliance which includes Tsinghua University and Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

•Outstanding Cultivation Plan

Focusing on deepening the reform of talent cultivation innovation, and adhering to the principle of ‘broad range of knowledge, and solid and deep foundation’, TUFE is carryingout the Program of Outstanding Talent in Economics and Management, and has cooperated with a number of financial institutions to train ‘customized’ students.

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