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Get to Know Tianjin
2016-10-10 10:13  

Tianjin is located in the northeast of the North China Plain in the Bohai Sea area. With rivers traveling through the city, Tianjin has been a water resource since ancient times. It has a history of more than 600 years since its establishment in 1404. In 1860, Tianjin was opened up as a trading port, and thereafter became a gateway to North China and the base of the Westernization Movement.


Having witnessed social developments in railway, telegraph, telephone, postal service, mining, modern education, and judicature sectors, Tianjin is the second largest industrial and commercial city in China and the biggest financial and commercial center of North China.


After the founding of modern China, Tianjin, as one of the four municipalitiesadministered directly under the central government of China, has made brilliant achievements in economic and social developments. Entering the 21st century, Tianjin Binhai New Area was incorporated into the national development strategy, and has led the Bohai Sea coastal region as a new economic growth driver for China after the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta economic zones. 

Tianjin aims to develop into an international port city, an eco-city, and the economic center of North China.


Now Tianjin welcomes a golden era for development. It will seize the five opportunities to promote economic and social development, which refer to the joint development of Tianjin, Beijing and Hebei Province; the development of the Free Trade Pilot Zone; the development of National Model Area for Innovation; the development of the Belt and Road and the development of Binhai New Area. The implementation of these five opportunities would provide a broad stage as well as a leverage for Tianjins development.


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